Why Us

“Connect Frontier is not just experienced – we are also deeply loyal and highly responsive to our clients.”
We help our clients excel in emerging and frontier markets. We offer a highly valuable perspective – that few organizations have in-house – to help our clients seize opportunities and reduce risks related to policies and politics. We train leaders. And we do it all with integrity, tenacity, and loyalty.

We used to be called Harris Africa Partners LLC, but we outgrew the name as our team expanded and as our clients sought our help in emerging and growth markets worldwide.


Why work with us?

  • Bespoke service. We assemble the right team from our vast network to best serve you. We gather who is best, not just who is available.
  • Senior perspective. You will have the sustained attention of senior advisors, which means that you will capture the benefit of our experience.
  • Loyalty. We are a small shop by design. We invest in getting to know you and your business. Clients appreciate our loyalty and holistic approach.
  • Action-oriented. We are doers, not just talkers. We have the commercial and programmatic instincts and experience to get things done in tough environments. Our advice is candid, practical, and actionable.
  • Highly experienced. We have worked a wide range of issues – economic, political, development, security, intelligence, and diplomatic – at a senior level. And we have worked in, and with, governments at the highest levels. This gives us a richer understanding of opportunity and risk.

What do clients have to say about us?

“A rare breed of advisor, with senior-level government experience and the private sector chops and commercial instincts to give practical and actionable advice.”

“Strongly recommend to any company facing a crisis or wanting to get a more proactive handle on their political risk.”

“Quick to learn our institutional culture [and] more effective than other consultants I have worked with in the past.”

“A valuable partner and strong supporter of our mission.”

“Superb at helping us figure out and weigh our options.”