Connect Frontier is not just experienced – we are also deeply loyal and highly responsive to our clients. Here is a sampling of what our clients have to say about us:
“I have hired many consulting firms over the years, but Connect Frontier is definitely one of the best. Our organization advocates on behalf of some of the poorest people around the globe, across sectors, and in high-level policy settings, and we needed a strategy rethink in these turbulent times. Connect Frontier’s team brought innovative ideas, influential networks, and a refreshing mentality based on trust and loyalty. We are in a stronger place today because of Connect Frontier and their amazing team. Thank you!”
- Executive Director, prominent advocacy-focused international non-profit

“Grant has advised my company on power generation projects representing more than $1 billion worth of investment. My management team and I have decades of experience completing deals in Africa, and we have great teams with deep local expertise in each country in which we work. Nevertheless, Grant was a critical resource to assist our team in navigating political issues. I’ve found time and time again that it is political issues – more than commercial or technical issues – that slows the implementation of deals in emerging markets. Instead of just bringing in a consultant during a crisis, I decided some years ago that ongoing advice from Grant could help us get ahead of issues and see around the corners. I’ve definitely found that to be true – Grant has been a big help with our projects and is a trusted advisor.”
- CEO of U.S. independent power company

“We’ve relied heavily on Connect Frontier for expert witness work for litigation on behalf of a Fortune 50 client. Grant and the expert witness that he provided have been invaluable. I have been litigating in New York for 15 years, and have never had this level of support from an expert witness. Ever.”
- Counsel at an international law firm with over 2,500 lawyers and 28 offices worldwide

“Grant was sharp and thoughtful in helping us to resolve a very tricky situation that threatened our operations in a frontier market. He understood the country. He understood the geopolitics. And, he understood us, including what it means to be an American company with our values and commitment to anti-corruption laws operating in a very tough business environment. Grant added huge value from the start by helping us better understand what was really going on behind the curtain and helping us to strongly and smartly advocate for our interests. Our company understands the region well, but Grant helped us methodically think through tough issues and challenged us to analyze different perspectives. I strongly recommend Grant to any company facing a crisis or wanting to get a more proactive handle on their political risk.”
- Executive at American manufacturer that sources material from central Africa

“We’re an ambitious non-profit with field operations in multiple regions. Grant’s counsel and creativity have added a lot of value, and we have included him in our most important priorities — including everything from helping us to consider our long-term strategy, to mapping out a near-term advocacy campaign for rural infrastructure, to advising on negotiating with a foreign government. He helped our leadership team understand the policy issues and political relationships that will determine our ability to reach scale, and he trained our country managers on practical ways to put those ideas into action. When our organization needed to pivot in response to coronavirus, Grant helped inform and stress test our planning. He’s been a valuable partner and strong supporter of our mission.”
- Chief Operating Officer, non-profit organization focused on rural infrastructure in developing countries

“Our university has many ongoing research activities with Africa, but the efforts are dispersed across schools and colleges across campus. We wanted to find ways to connect and strengthen the engagement with this region, and be able to see new emerging opportunities with African partners. Connect Frontier created a strategic frame that brings these strands together, and that makes us stronger and clearer on our approach, value proposition, and narrative. Connect Frontier provided valuable recommendations – short, medium and long term – with concrete approaches to involve relevant units, faculty, staff, students, and alumni in collaborative engagement efforts. Despite the challenges imposed by coronavirus in the near term, we now have a frame and guide to move forward. Connect Frontier struck the perfect balance between ambition and pragmatism, and showed an excellent ability to understand and connect with our many stakeholders.”
- Vice Provost and Dean of Global Affairs at a leading U.S. public research university

“When an individual in a major African market tried to politicize our investment, we needed someone with the experience and insights to help navigate behind-the-scenes. Grant tapped his extensive network and provided analysis of the situation, which allowed us to understand how our decisions would be received before we implemented them. Grant is a rare breed of advisor, with senior-level government experience and the private sector chops and commercial instincts to give practical and actionable advice.”
- Executive at African infrastructure and real estate developer

“Our flagship program in Africa was running into trouble because the host government was not upholding its end of the bargain. I’m a retired ambassador, so I’m no stranger to governance challenges in Africa, but we needed a fresh perspective. We don’t normally use consultants but in this case, we set up some interviews. Grant stuck out for his impressive ability to think tactically and creatively, and not just suggest some pie-in-the-sky strategy. He was superb at helping us figure out and weigh our options. When we decided to set up shop in a different country, Grant helped us design a cutting-edge higher education partnership and then connected us with all of the right people to make it happen.”
- Director of Programming at a large land grant public university with $1 billion budget

“I brought in Grant Harris to help us with business development in African markets. He was great, and I could see that his presence on our team added a lot of credibility to our pitches. I found him to be smart and sensible, but he also was quick to learn our institutional culture, which made him much more effective than other consultants I have worked with in the past. The scope started out Africa-specific, but we then put Grant to work on our global strategy team. He may market himself toward Africa, but his judgment and experience running strategy processes was a huge help for us in Asian and Latin American markets too!”
- Global Head of Partnerships at tech startup valued at over $1 billion

“My company first engaged Grant for a one-off strategy session on a few specific topics, but I quickly determined that I wanted him more involved in my company. And it was the right call. It was a stretch for my early stage startup’s budget, but Grant offered a lot of value. He helped us to develop an expansion strategy and also work through some difficult issues in our largest market. Like many startups, we have a network of great people to call on for informal advice, but Grant has a pretty unique background, and I found it extremely helpful to have him more involved than just an occasional phone call. He’s seasoned and thoughtful and has been able to help me think through some of the many issues thrown my way as a first-time CEO growing my company. And knowing that I am getting good advice on risk and policy issues has also made my investors more comfortable.”
- Founder and Managing Director of a startup focused on Africa

“Grant’s creativity, knowledge, and relationships in the region and foreign policy community were essential in creating a leadership and strategy development program in the Horn of Africa. His deep expertise was invaluable, and I enjoyed working with him.”
- Institute Deputy Director at an Ivy League university

“I served alongside Grant on the board of directors of the Africa Finance Corporation. The board was lucky to have him as an independent director – he has very high integrity and is sharp. I respect his judgment and found him to be a constructive problem-solver, not to mention a great colleague.”
- Director, Africa Finance Corporation, an international financial institution that has invested more than $4 billion in infrastructure projects across Africa

“Grant did a three-hour deep dive for my leadership team on two markets in Africa that we planned to enter. My team ranged from people with no prior exposure to people who had lived and worked in Africa for years. But everyone got a lot out of it and will now be able to leverage their individual lines of effort to support our market expansion. Definitely well worth it!”
- CEO of a global seed company

“We brought Grant in to help us improve our understanding of the landscape and opportunities for our business in sub-Saharan Africa. Grant’s unique experience combined with his approachable manner resulted in helping us to establish a common vision and consensus amongst senior management regarding next steps.”
- Senior Manager, global biotechnology manufacturer

“Harris Africa Partners connected us with an expert witness for a case in Immigration Court involving a relatively small and less well-known country in Africa. The expert’s deep knowledge and experience gave her opinion significant weight, and her testimony was central to our success in court. Given the less well-known subject area, we could not have found such an expert ourselves. Both the expert and Grant were easy to work with, focused, and dedicated. At the hearing, the Immigration Judge said she was the most qualified, knowledgeable, well-prepared country conditions expert he had ever seen in Immigration Court.”
- Attorney, New England-based law firm with extensive pro bono asylum practice

“We invited Grant to speak at a retreat that we organized for one of our most important clients. Grant was engaging, thoughtful, and substantive in discussing the issues and questions that they cared most about. The client loved it, and we looked great!”
- CEO, strategic advisory firm specializing in facilitating institutional investments and trade in emerging markets

“My partners and I turned to Grant Harris when we were looking for a person with insight into how business is done in Africa and contacts to help us resolve a tricky business dispute. Grant exceeded our expectations on both counts. And working with Grant was a complete delight. He is a true professional. I hope we have an opportunity to work together again.”
- Partner at a law firm with over 300 lawyers in the United States and Europe

“Sincere thanks… [for the] useful and insightful recommendations” in the report “commissioned [from] Mr. Grant Harris, CEO of Harris Africa Partners LLC, as a consultant to facilitate a commercial dialogue to provide private sector feedback.” The report “adds value in including diverse voices… providing candid feedback… and suggesting targeted recommendations.”
- Senior United Nations official

“We worked with Grant for a year to better understand the political challenges faced when launching a project in West Africa. Grant was able to distill complex systems and relationships into an understandable strategy which has ultimately led to the project scaling up with hopeful policy impact.”
- Director of Global Projects at an Ivy League university

“Grant’s knowledge, experience and depth of understanding of the markets and geopolitics in Africa enriched a recent conference we organized for our senior leadership in India and Africa. Grant’s perspectives and recommendations were most helpful towards shaping our thinking on new emerging opportunities for Africa-India collaboration in our firm. The excellent feedback we received after the session is testimony to the value he contributed.”
- Chairman & CEO of the Indian subsidiary of one of the Big Four accounting firms