Political Risk

“Having information is necessary but not sufficient; you need to have the policy and political expertise in-house or on contract to wield it effectively.”
– Grant Harris, in Harvard Business Review

Want to be more strategic about how you gain and act on information to reduce risk? Facing a shakedown, regulatory risk, or other crisis? Need a policy strategy to reach scale or a global political risk management process to improve decision-making? Want your team to learn practical tips to deal with policy and political issues in-market?

We can help. We have decades of experience working in difficult business climates. We have worked in and with governments at senior levels. And we have helped companies and organizations like yours navigate fast-moving and challenging environments.

We can help you to see around the corners better and hear about risks sooner in key markets.

What do clients have to say about us?

“I strongly recommend Grant to any company facing a crisis or wanting to get a more proactive handle on their political risk.”

“A critical resource to assist our team in navigating political issues.”

“Knowing that I am getting good advice on risk and policy issues has also made my investors more comfortable.”