“Nothing is off-the-shelf; it’s all unique to your needs and preferences.”
Need to know what is really going on in a specific country? Want to understand how situations or events like elections or geopolitical competition will affect your deals or programs in developing countries? Need to get up-to-speed fast to consider an opportunity or better serve a client? Or maybe you have deep experience in-country but need insights from a perspective that you do not have in-house?

We can help. We can help you get smart and stay smart on growth markets. Our clients range from those dipping a toe into a market for the first time to ones with decades of experience in frontier markets and local staff in-country. In either case, we identify what you most need to know and assemble a bespoke team to match your unique needs. We can also help you serve and educate your clients and stakeholders by providing briefings (or adding value to your in-house products) on trends and country-specific issues in emerging and frontier markets. This includes speaking with boards, investment committees, and management teams to ensure a common base of knowledge and understanding.

We can help you understand the context, policies, politics, and risks to help you achieve success.

What do clients have to say about us?

“Added huge value from the start by helping us better understand what was really going on behind the curtain and helping us to strongly and smartly advocate for our interests.”

“Grant tapped his extensive network and provided analysis of the situation, which allowed us to understand how our decisions would be received before we implemented them.”